NPR Just Interviewed One of the Worst Former Oregonians Ever

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By TJ Acena, PQ Monthly
I was listening to NPR last week (I know like half our conversations in Portland start with that phrase) and there was an interview with someone about the anti-gay bills in Uganda who said this: “Well, I'm disappointed with Uganda because they squandered an opportunity to actually, I think, protect their society, protect the young people by promoting marriage. And they also squandered an opportunity to show Christian values by offering reparative therapy for homosexuals instead of trying to throw them in jail.†“What an asshole,†I thought to myself as I turned the station. Then this weekend I stumbled across this article by America Blog about that very interview on NPR; turns out that asshole was Scott Lively. The same Lively who popped up in my previous post about Uganda. This guy just can’t stay off my radar. What I missed in the NPR interview is that Lively is simply introduced as an ‘Evangelical leader’, when in fact his ministry, Abiding Truth Ministries, has been classified as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. NPR glossed over the fact that Lively has said some seriously outrageous statements about gay people. Such as: Hitler’s inner circle was all gay men, homosexuality is morally equivalent to bestiality, gays are recruiting children, etc… Let's also not forget Lively's intimate, appalling connections to the Oregon Citizens Alliance (he worked there as "communications director"). So that hateful resume is, well, pretty damn long. As a side note, the Southern Poverty Law Center is an amazing organization that progressives should be paying attention to. The article on America Blog also got mentioned on Monday’s episode of Citizen Radio as well; Allison Kilkenny sums up the problems with the NPR interviewing Lively as part of the media’s commitment to ‘show both sides’ of an argument. “Why are you inviting people like Scott Lively on? Scott Lively is in possession of no facts. He’s a lunatic. He’s the leader of a hate group. Would you bring on somebody from the KKK? […] It’s especially strange with stuff like LGBT rights, where the country is becoming much more accepting and progressive, especially when it comes to issues of same sex marriage. But the media still acts like this is a lively spirited debate we’re having when it’s like ‘no, actually, the populace has moved on’. But as so often times happens the media is lagging behind us.†Thanks NPR. Thanks for deciding that even though there is no facts in existence that prove that gay people are harmful to society we need to hear from someone who thinks otherwise because religion. Thanks for finding one of the most anti-gay voices in America to voice that opinion and fail to mention that he runs a hate group. Thanks for acting like basic fundamental rights are still contentious. BlogTail_TJ (1)