Oregon Republicans Vote to Support Marriage Equality

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By Belinda Carroll, PQ Monthly
I cannot believe it. Generally when you think Republican you don’t think Marriage equality, and if you do it’s one forward thinking person in the GOP, not a bunch of them coming together for equality. But, the incredible has happened. Republicans at the 50th Annual Dorchester Conference in Seaside, Oregon voted 233 -162 (that’s 59% kids) over the weekend in a first-ever endorsement of marriage equality by a GOP-dominated gathering of Oregon political activists, according to a press release from Freedom Oregon. Freedom Oregon, a coalition of Republican leaders, was formed earlier this year to rally Republican support for a proposed ballot initiative that would overturn Oregon’s constitutional ban on same-sex marriage. Chairman of LCR Oregon and Co-Director of Freedom Oregon, James Owens, said in a statement: “The Dorchester Conference sets the tone for the GOP in Oregon for the coming year, and I’m proud to have led Log Cabin Republicans members on the floor of the convention today as we made history and moved one step closer to making marriage equality a reality for committed same-sex couples in this state. This wasn’t a vote against an anti-gay resolution, it was a vote in favor of freedom for all Oregonians — and a message to those fringe members of the Oregon Republican Party obsessed with pushing discriminatory measures similar to Arizona’s SB-1062 on the ballot in November. Today wasn’t just great — it was the absolute best outcome for Log Cabin Republicans, and a statement that Oregon Republicans are becoming more mainstream, less divided, and ready to win on issues like economic freedom, personal responsibility, lower taxes and a less intrusive government.†We’ve been headed toward a climax with marriage equality in Oregon. Basic Rights Oregon has been very effective with their Oregon United for Marriage campaign. With this move, it seems that Oregon Republicans have seen the writing on the wall, did their required soul searching, and have decided to stand on the right side of history.