QUEER APERTURE Q&A: Laird August Young

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lairdqaJeffrey Horvitz, PQ Monthly
What is your name? Laird August Young How long have you lived in Portland? 24 years What is the first time you  noticed that gayness existed? My Godfather was a closeted gay man What  would you consider a guilty  pleasure? Salted Caramel Gelato Your having a dinner party of 6, whom would you invite? Bill & Hillary, Michelle & Barack, Jimmy Carter, and my great uncle Waldo What would you consider a perfect meal? Medium-rare Ribeye, Fresh Vegetables and Roasted Potatoes What would be a perfect day off? A day on the Oregon Coast Favorite book? “Atlas Shrugged,†By Ayn Rand Favorite movie? “The Age of Innocence†Favorite word? Hope Least favorite word? Don’t Favorite swear word? Fuck What is your profession? Bartender If you could with a snap of a finger what would be another profession you would like to do?  Bartender at Ringside   Whom would you like to meet dead or alive? Audrey Lorde