Springtime is the Best Time

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page 3 imageBy Daniel Borgen, PQ Monthly
I know lots of you will argue—summer’s the best, you say, and you cite lazy Sundays at Rooster Rock or sunny patios like Vendetta’s. You have a point, but there’s nothing quite like the unfettered joy Spring brings—flowers bloom, everything’s a little greener, the days are getting longer. There’s just so much promise—you can’t shake the positivity and you feel like everything good is headed your way. It’s that way in our movement, too—we’re probably looking at marriage sometime this year, and with that comes an evolving agenda with community on its mind. After marriage, then what? We’re about to find out, and we’ll be there every step of the way, bringing you news, voices, and perspectives you won’t find anywhere else. Which brings me to the inspiration behind this issue—the notion of “queers in uniform†drove much of the content, though due to scheduling issues we’ve had to push back coverage of our veterans; you’ll see them in one of our Pride issues. We’re looking forward to a long, fruitful partnership with Senator Wyden’s office on that one. Inside this issue, you’ll find a profile of local activist Robert Ball, a man we believe really epitomizes community and service—we think you’ll be inspired by his story. One of our writers takes a hard look at Chelsea Manning, and questions whether or not her community has been there for her. Agree or disagree—that piece will make you think. And that’s just the tip of the very gay iceberg. As we turn to talk of promise and activism, we encourage you to take a look at The Brilliant List just launched by our publisher—you can find details on page 19. But, to briefly summarize: Headed by co-chairs John Halseth and Robin Castro (along with a handpicked selection committee), The Brilliant List will recognize individuals, nonprofits, and businesses—evaluating their unique skills, qualities, and noteworthy accomplishments. Basically we want to know what makes them “brilliant.†Nominees will need to promote diversity and social justice in their community, highlighting collaborative partnerships. They’ll need to inspire, encourage, and mentor others to create positive social change. The Brilliant List will recognize people and organizations that have lasting effects—we need to see the tangible change in our community. Like I said, complete rules are on page 19—but we’ll be recognizing candidates in Oregon and SW Washington in categories like anti-bulling, LGBT rights, trans justice, racial justice, immigrant rights, women’s rights, homelessness advocacy, political activism, and many more. Now perhaps you can see why we’ve got such an eye toward the future—we believe we have a lot to look forward to. On a final Brilliant List note—mark Sept. 28 on your calendar; we’ll be celebrating List winners with a glossy magazine and swanky soiree. Until then, we’ll see you online—and in print again April 17, when PQ will be all about marriage and weddings. And, as always, please thumb through these pages and support our advertisers—they’re the ones who bring PQ to you month in and month out, and we’re incredibly grateful for their support.