Style Deconstructed: House of Aquarius

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dancersBy Michael Talley and Eric Sellers, PQ Monthly
In a city teaming with fashion, personal expression, and trend setters, I wanted to get into the heads of some of Portland's stylish LGBTQ icons. To me style is not made in magazines, malls or on television; it's personal. This is the reason behind this style deconstruction. This month’s style deconstruction is the amazing house of Aquarius. The house of Aquarius is made up of many talented and uber-stylish dancers—at this year’s LOVE BALL, held last month, house of Aquarius swept several of the categories and also took the trophy for “Haus of the Moment.†Because of this I just had to find out more about these young beauties taking over the dance scene here in Portland. –Michael Talley Name: House of Aquarius Age: Ancient Occupation: Dancers, Tree Guides PQ: What age were you when you realized style mattered? Explain: Idols, musicians, peers. HoA: Style is probably something you always know is important. You just don't have a choice to explore that until you grow out of your pocketless flare jeans. We are really inspired by any character in pretty much any Spike Lee movie made before 1990, Zebra Katz, and that time Madonna had a live orgy on stage. PQ: Who gives you a style boner today? HoA: Our friends. PQ: What is most valued article of clothing you have purchased? Why? HoA: 7 yards of black jersey we've cut and repurposed into the cheapest witch gear you've ever DIY’ed and a collection of every old lady church pantsuit unisex onesies. PQ: Do you wear jewels? What accessories are a must-have in your closet? HoA: Black lipstick. Fur. Head wrap. Black paint. Gold paint. Silver body paint. PQ: Smells? Are you all natural? Soaps? Sprays? Discuss. We want to know brands! HoA: House of Aquarius collectively smell like weed, lavender, that little cedar stick thing that Will burns to make his room smell like a Naturopathic office, sweat, and Dr. Bronners. PQ: The soundtrack of your closet, List 4 songs on your Style EP? HoA: “G.U.Y.†by Lady GaGa, “Pacify Me†by FKA Twigs, “Younger†by Seinabo Sey, and “Trick Pony†by Charlotte Gainsburg. PQ: EAT, DRINK, SCENE. What do you nosh? What's your sip? Where are your haunts? HoA: We're often at Sweet Hereafter because it’s the only place where you can get food late at night that doesn't smell like diabetes or my high school cafeteria. You can usually find us at Holocene, Black Book, or any queer party where the music is good and the floors only moderately slippery. We drink whiskey sours (even though everybody but Joseph thinks they're gross), wine, and Cooper’s mystery replenishing vitamin juice. PQ: Shoes! What do you have? What do you need? Brands, color, styles? Let's talk shoes. HoA: Converse, Docs, heels that can take a good coat of spray paint. Barefoot covered in mud. dancers4PQ: Forever young! I wanna be forever young. What do you slather and slop on to pamper yourself? Give me when, what, where, when, why. HoA: Coconut oil, glitter, sunshine. A smile and appreciation of the world around you will keep you from aging better than any cream. PQ: You have a time machine. Go back in time and get/do anything from/in any era. What would you get, where, and when? HoA: We’d time machine back to be some of Prince’s dancers but we’re not coming back. PQ: You’re going to a party. You stop by the market. What do you buy? HoA: A bottle of wine and rolling papers. PQ: You’re going on vacation! Where would you go? What one item is a must bring? HoA: Brazil or Africa or somewhere there's more brown people than trees.   PQ: Who's you favorite artist, fashion designer, musician and why? HoA: Missy Elliott. Alexander McQueen, Erykah Badu, Jonte Moaning. Because they show the true importance of loving yourself first, then running through your dreams with star crushed heels second. PQ: What’s your most irritating fashion faux pas? HoA: Sequined ugh boots and fear. PQ: Where are some of your favorite places to shop? HoA: American Eagle, Aeropostale, and Dress Barn. Just kidding. It's Portland. We all shop at the bins. And if we don't shop at the bins, the people we buy our clothes from probably do.