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Zines! Zines! Zines!

The Portland metro area has a thriving zine community, boasting a wide variety of zinefests and other events for reading and sharing zines, including Oregon’s biggest annual zine event, the Portland Zine Symposium. Check out a few excerpts from zines created by folks right here in Portland!

Liz Yerby

"For me, making comics and zines are about working through feelings and experiences. It used to be really intimidating to share art, but I feel better as i've met artists and zinesters making art that I connect to, and realizing that people connect to things in my work." ************ Excerpts from The New Yerby. Follow Liz’s work at lizyerby.com, on Tumblr at lizyerby.tumblr.com, and on Instagram as @lizyerby.

Eileen Chavez

"To me, the act of making a zine is an incredibly powerful tool that gives me full agency over the process of listening to and sharing my voice with others. Zines and DIY culture are all about collaborating on making knowledge, tools of resistance and art accessible to and from within a community outside the mainstream. "One thing I appreciate about the Portland-area zine community is that I've found artist and activists that share similar backgrounds and who are actively part of engaging and organizing with larger communities in the area. I've also felt supported, encouraged and continually inspired to create and share my art from this community." ************ ************ Excerpts from Portland’s Women of Color (WOC) Issue #12. Follow Eileen’s work on Tumblr at greenmango227.tumblr.com and on Instagram as @sloris227.

Amanda Blix

"Zines are limited only by one's own creativity and imagination. Making zines reminds me of my own capacity of experiencing limitlessness and provides a concrete way for my own creative work to exist within the container of a community, which is really important to me. They are powerful tools for transformation and connection with yourself and others. "The zine community in Portland is so supportive, friendly and welcoming. From a zine dedicated to soda pop to a zine exploring complex trauma: there is space for everyone. That is becoming even more true as the leadership of the zine symposium has become majority POC. I love what the organizers are doing to expand and support zine community in Portland." ************ ************ Excerpts from Winter’s Night and Past All Limits. Follow Amanda’s work at amandablix.com, on Tumblr at amandablix.tumblr.com, and on Instagram @amandablix.