Proud Queer Year in Review

Looking back on 2018 it’s hard to pick highlights in a year marked by tragedies, human rights abuses, and a news cycle dominated by a man prone to narcissistic Twitter temper tantrums.

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“Perfectly Clear” by Michelle LeClair and Robin Gaby Fisher

Scientology has long considered homosexuality to be repugnant, she was reminded, and that nagged at her enough to make her question this faith in which she’d been raised. She questioned even deeper when she fell in love with a woman named Charly.

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Friends, we interrupt this social media scroll-a-thon to talk about racism

But playing Othello, standing before the very white senate (the audience), having to prove to them how Desdemona could possibly be in love with the likes of me without some sort of witchcraft or drugs, saying those words each performance, hurts my actual heart.

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Is it possible to get a Green Card through my employer? Yes. There is a process by which an employer can sponsor an employee to obtain a Green Card. That process is called the “Labor Certification Process.”

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“Growing Up Queer” by Mary Robertson

While there were gay, lesbian, and transgender teens at Spectrum, the majority of the youth Robertson studied called themselves “queer,” a wider sexuality- and gender-encompassing identity specifically separate from “gay” or “lesbian.”

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