The Trans Generation: How Trans Kids (and Their Parents) are Creating a Gender Revolution - by Ann Travers

Parents, of course, can affect that well-being, too, but it takes a “phenomenal amount of care, advocacy, and activism… to push back against cisgendered environments,” schools, sports, binary-only bathrooms, social activities, medical facilities, and politics. It takes a willingness to learn, listen, and lean in. Not just for parents, but for teachers, advocates, and loved ones,

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Details of Chaput’s madness?

If you recall, last week I revealed that the Archdiocese of Philadelphia Vicar for the Clergy, Reverend Monsignor Sullivan, put out a letter on Aug. 13 requesting all priests to attend a workshop on “Clarity and charity: An authentically Catholic response to homosexuality.” Led by Rev. Philip G. Bochanski, executive director of Courage International, which is the Catholic Church’s franchise of chastity and pray the gay away

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The 10th Annual Gay Games, Paris 2018

"So to me, the gay games represents a life time of practice and dedication to a sport that has given me almost everything I am. The fact that it is a LGBTQ+ community event only makes it that much more special to me. I will be meeting hundreds of people who share the same passion and dedication..." -- Michael Wheeler.

by Sebastian Fortino
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Orfeo ed Euridice: Portland Opera's Finale for the 2018 Scene

Revisit one of the oldest stories ever told in this mythological journey.

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